Making Meaning

Let’s talk about “Making Meaning”.

We’ve all just come back from 7 months living abroad in a different country with a different culture. Most of our energy has been devoted to fully immersing and experiencing it in the moment.

Now that the journey is over we’re slowly beginning to unpack and process the experiences we’ve been through, the challenges and struggles, as well as the joys and good times. Looking in retrospect now, it’s a lot easier to make meaning. However, it is still difficult to connect deeply and personally with each other when we have barely started understanding what has happened to us.

A way for our generation to make meaning and relate to others is to make and share memes. Through this medium, we’re able to create humor as we make sense of things that are deeply personal and may be harder to relate with otherwise.

Meme culture is a way to share and spread truths and ideas through repeated actions, concepts, or pictures from person to person.

So I really meant, let’s talk about “Making Meme-ing”.

So what is a “meme”?? This:

To create your own and begin making your own meme-ing:

Pick a Problem
Mock the Problem
Direct it toward your Target Audience

To make your meme really resonate:

Be controversial
Be Dramatic
Be Wholesome
Be Relatable





Memes help us cope with the many emotions and thoughts we have when trying to make meaning of our year abroad and life in general. They also help us feel closer as a cohort because we are able to relate to each other’s experiences. Memes make people feel included and validate our experiences to a wider audience.

(excerpts of Elise and Savion’s presentation on Making Meaning/Meme-ing to start off Brazil Day at ReEntry Training on April 10, 2018)

Meme making and sharing has been an important part of the Brazil Cohort’s year. Below are memes from the “GCY Brazil Memes for Bougie AF Queens” Facebook page.

picsart_05-06-10-06-14 picsart_05-06-09-56-07

A imagem pode conter: texto

A imagem pode conter: 1 pessoaA imagem pode conter: 1 pessoa, texto


A imagem pode conter: 1 pessoa, sorrindo, meme e texto

A imagem pode conter: textoA imagem pode conter: 4 pessoas, pessoas sorrindoA imagem pode conter: textoA imagem pode conter: 4 pessoas, textoA imagem pode conter: 1 pessoa, textoA imagem pode conter: texto

(Memes posted by Elise Steenburgh, Savion Sample, Leo Ruiz, Kate Jakobson, Caroline Smith)

Love and Peace,


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