I want

To take a bridge year because I know
through the challenges I will grow.
I know there will be nights where I may cry alone
in bed in a house that isn’t my own,
but I’ll learn to make it my home, on loan.
There will be days I will be frustrated that my words
are having trouble being heard,
so I’ll take a step back and listen more
until the language stops being a chore
and instead is a way of life that I adore.
I know there will be a million new people to meet
from fellow peers to vendors on the street
each one with a story left secret, untold
to most, but with open heart and mind I’ll be bold:
You can trust me, no need to withhold.
I know there will be lots of work to be done
who knows if it all will be fun
but if I am trying to make longlasting change
it will be my own mind that must rearrange
and turn normal what once may have seemed strange.
There will be times where I have to learn
that this opportunity is something I earn
from every single day, I mature,
though sometimes I may be a bit unsure
because results are more often than not obscure.
But I cannot wait to see
after a year abroad, where I will be
As a person, not who, but how
and why I am the way I am now.
I’ll figure that out, somehow.


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