2D or 3D?!

I always thought that it was impossible for humans to think in 3-dimensions. Like in Flatlands, the 2D objects recognize each other through 1D. Living in 3D, we should experience the world in 2D, right?

Apparently not?

When I think of a sphere, I can see it in my head. But really, what I’m seeing is a circle with precise shading that implies depth. However, it’s really just a picture. I can’t conjure an x-y-z plane in my mind.


I think I see the world as pictures or a movie, rather than an interactive video game. Like Minecraft, where when you look around, the world develops, but then you can switch your view and come back to it. It’s there. For me, the world happens in each moment in front of my eyes and only what I am experiencing exists in that moment. I think it helps with keeping me sane.

Except it’s making me insane because I can’t think in 3D but Nico, Sophie, and Trevor can. When they imagine a water bottle, they can imagine its length, width, depth. Its color, its texture. I only see a picture of it. If I try to imagine how it feels, I can only feel it in my hands, as if I’m holding it. Not in my mind.

Welcome to R3 Animal, where our discussions over dish washing or lunch always make me discover weird shit and believe I’m going crazy.

Love and Peace,


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