Getting to know Garopaba


This .gif is a perfect metaphor for the bridge year. Many thanks to Trevor for sacrificing himself for these pictures.

Yesterday, I toured Garopaba for the first time, even though a third of the GCY Brazil cohort is spending their bridge year in the beautiful town 2 hours south of Floripa.

Having left on the 8:45am bus, Trevor and I arrived in Garopaba around lunchtime. Following Trevor’s iffy sense of direction (he had only visited once before), we headed to Mormaii, a local surf shop and bar turned big-name Brazilian brand for sporting gear. DSC_1346-ANIMATION.gif

I had real açaí for the first time, topped with bananas, granola, leite ninho and leite condensado. Afterward, I split a sandwich (presunto, salami, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, arugula, and dried tomato sauce on a baguette) with Juliana. I can’t even explain how good they tasted.

DSC_1230.JPGAfter sitting in the shop, eating and chatting with Mathias, Juliana, Mae, and Sophie, the girls took us through the centro to the beach. We passed through a historical square and a beautiful church, then explored some natural pools (where all the .gifs were taken). We spent some time swimming and sunbathing at a prainha, got Poke for dinner, and then at 8pm Trevor and I left for home.


I left in awe of Garopaba’s beauty. The water sparkled with a deep blue-green you only see in photo-shopped pictures. The sky blue gradient over the hills in the horizon was so perfect, it also seemed fake. Multicolored beach umbrellas covered nearly every bit of sand in between the ocean and the classic Brazilian assortment of brightly colored houses and restaurants.


Although I didn’t spend much time in town, nor met any of the townspeople (that the girls somehow knew all by name!), I felt a new atmosphere in that town that I never felt in Floripa. Much more relaxed and laid back, it had the classic small town vibe that it is known for. But it was something else as well.

DSC_1383.JPGI felt the warmth and coziness of being welcomed into someone’s home for the first time. In a way, I was. The girls showed me their new home in Garopaba. I hope that when I come back to Floripa a couple years down the road, I’ll give someone else that exact same feeling.

Love and Peace,




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