My favorite feeling is a color

It’s Green. It’s a buzz that starts with my racing heart and extends to my tingling fingers and toes. It’s the tension of energy, like flood waters pushing against a dam, inside my body. It’s the pressure that builds up in the middle of my chest, telling me that I have to spread Green.

Green is Love.

No, Love is not Red. Red is for survival. Red is for when you feel insecure in your new surroundings, when you are always on high alert. It is when deep inside, you can feel your instincts kick in to keep you alive. It’s when you’re fearful of what’s around the corner before you even realize there is a corner to turn.

But Red can also be when you’re okay. It is also the feeling when you are sitting at the dining table with your new host family, or cleaning cages with your new coworkers, or exploring sand dunes with your new best friends. It is the calm, balanced, evenness of your pulse when your body and mind settle, stable and secure, falling into rhythm with the world around you. Red is when you exist.

My colors are hard to explain. I can’t tell you exactly why Trevor is the blue of the sky above the ocean waves on a clear day. Or why Leo is a dark, swirling purple that I can’t find anywhere else here in Brazil. I can’t explain why when asked about my vision for my bridge year, I felt Green. Or why it is easier for me to understand and share my vision as a collection of green and blue and purple lines on paper, instead of a list of “By April, I will have accomplished such and such…”

My colors are hard to explain, but I can try (with a little help from my Instagram Posts)

IMG_20171106_215815_379.jpgMuladhara : Chakra da Raiz : Sobrevivência ❤Minha bolsa tem tudo o que preciso para sobreviver no Brasil
Muladhara : Root Chakra : Survival ❤ My purse has everything I need to survive in Brazil




IMG_20171107_181425_954.jpgSvadisthana : Chakra Sacral : Sentimentos 💛 Sinto-me em casa no brasil por causa da minha nova família 
Svadisthana : Sacral Chakra : Feelings 💛I feel at home in Brazil because of my new family


IMG_20171108_195451_822.jpgManipura : Chakra do Plexo Solar : Pensando 💛 O ponto de ônibus e no ônibus são os melhores lugares para pensar
Manipura : Solar Plexus Chakra : Thinking 💛The bus stop and the bus are the best places to think


IMG_20171109_215534_348.jpgAnahata : Chakra Cardíaco: Relacionamentos 💚 Nós fazemos relacionamentos significativos no trabalho, na cohorte, e na nossas comunidades
Anahata : Heart Chakra : Relationships 💚We make meaningful relationships at work, in the cohort, and in our communities

IMG_20171110_191133_200.jpgVishuddha : Chakra Laríngeo : Expressão 💙Escrever em nossos periódicos, publicar blogs e fazer SpeakUps são maneiras que nos expressamos
Vishuddha : Throat Chakra : Expression 💙Writing in our journals, posting blogs, and doing SpeakUps are way we express ourselves

IMG_20171112_212754_985.jpgAjna : Chakra Terceiro Olho : Intuição 💙Siga sua intuição, ele irá levá-lo pela estrada certa, mesmo se você ficar um pouco perdido
Ajna : Third Eye Chakra : Intuition 💙Follow your intuition, it will lead you down the right road, even if you get a little lost

IMG_20171112_213822_367.jpgSahasrara : Chakra Coronária : Conhecimento 💜O conhecimento é saber como fazer coisas novas. A sabedoria é saber que as coisas nem sempre funcionam como planejado. (Meu cabelo ficou castanho-esverdeado, não roxo!)
Sahasrara : Crown Chakra : Knowingness 💜 Knowledge is knowing how to do new things. Wisdom is knowing that things don’t always work out as planned. (My hair turned greenish-brown, not purple!)

Brazil is full of different colors and different feelings. It’s a long process trying to understand them. I have my chakra cards, my crystals, and my meditations to help, but colors and feelings don’t always match up like they do above.

It’s best to just vibe.

Love and Peace,


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