Where I’m From

I’m from places so far
Deep in my memories
That I cannot remember
What’s real, what’s imaginary.

I’m from the stories that keep me
Up at night
That I can’t share with anyone
Not today.


I’m from being scared
I’m still scared

Add an R
I’m from being scarred
Inside and out where
Only I can see the faded parts

And others that I still pick at.
I’m from passive aggressive
But that’s whatever
I’m from crying tears that

No one
Can see.
I’m from good times
And the bad

From trying not to make
My parents mad.
I’m from no it’s for you
Never for me


No it’s for you
Never for me.
I’m from a world I have
Escaped a trap

Only to fall into one more
I’m from words you can never take
Back, to the front

Of a war I was never in.
So I’m fighting though I know
It will be never ending.

(“Where I’m From” assignment during Regional Reconnect 1)

Love and Peace,


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