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At the end of Program Launch, the GCY Brazil Cohort came together after our first month in country for a Portfolio Gala. Each Fellow had a 2 minute presentation creatively expressing some piece of their Program Launch portfolio. It could be centered around Host Family, Community, Apprenticeship, Language Learning.

One of my favorite parts of Program Launch was the time I was able to spend with other Fellows. I loved getting to know them better, and I often did so by starting off with, “so what is your personality type?” or “have you taken this personality test yet?”. So, to present my first month in country to them, I thought it was only fitting if I did so through a personality test.

Here we go.


I live in Lagoa Da Conceição, a neighborhood in the center of the island of Florianópolis. It is named after the lagoon surrounding it.







I live with my avó, mãe, and irmão: my grandmother, Maria; mother, Claudia; and little brother, Matheus.





I work at R3 Animal, a wildlife conservation facility that rescues, rehabilitates, and reintegrates wild animals into their natural habitats.






In all honesty, I’m not learning much in language class. But I’m still trying my best to pick up the language as fast as possible, so I work ahead in the book.







They may be incredibly cute, but they are also quite scary. Twice and counting… Good thing my glasses are only scratched and not broken…







I bought a Nikon D5300 DSLR camera to bring to Brazil this summer. I always have my camera on me, because who knows when a perfect opportunity to snap a pic will turn up. I’m an amateur though— I’m still learning how to use my camera.





All of the above. Sometimes, all on the same day.






I love movies. So of course, I love that they help me learn Portuguese. I found a YouTube channel with all my favorite Barbie movies dubbed in Portuguese, and after my host brother caught me watching them, my host mom went out and bought a bunch of DVDs from a secondhand store!

Capture+_2018-05-30-23-38-12.pngI try to get other Fellows to watch with me, but they aren’t fans. At least my host brother will watch Teen Titans and other cartoons with me.





I woke up from my first dream in Portuguese crying, sweating, and terribly sick. After taking the rabies vaccine, I had horrible side effects, which even included vivid night terrors. At least I knew I was really picking up the language.



I can’t even begin to explain it. All of the above. I truly feel like I’m thriving and meant to be here, but at the same time, it feels unreal. In essence, it feels like my shocked and confused catchphrase “HUZZAT!”.

Love and Peace,


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