Why I’m here

During one of the catches during Program Launch, we were given a list of “motivating reasons for volunteering abroad”. We ranked each reason on a scale of 0 to 10. 0 meaning the statement is in no way a reason for me going, and 10 meaning that it is the most important. Here are my rankings for the reasons why I’m here in Brazil with GCY.

10 – To gain relevant professional work experience
-To broaden my mind

9 – To challenge myself

8 – To try something different and to experience different cultures

7 – To see the world

6 – To add something different to my CV

5 – To help people

4 – To get away from life/work at home
-To contribute something

3 – Solidarity with the oppressed
-To work for justice

2 – To change the world

1 – To gain first-hand knowledge about political issues
-Last chance to explore the world before settling down

0 – To get away from an unhappy relationship
-Everyone else is doing it
-To respond to a religious motivation

We saw the sign as we hiked across Rio Vermelho to the beach. It lists the different things that should be increased in 2017: Love, Gratitude, Harmony, Courage, Calm, Spirituality, Citizenship, Respect, Justice, and Faith. In addition to my personal motivations to being in Brazil, I could stand to increase all of those in my year here, too.



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